I, Juan de Pareja, Exploring Art

Interdisciplinary TeachingI_Juan_de_Pareja

What are you teaching next?

Now is a fine time to plan an inter-disciplinary unit in which you invite students to draw on what they’re learning in other courses to connect with, supplement, expand and or explore the literature you’re studying in English.  Teaching historical fiction provides just such an opportunity, especially if you choose a book like I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton de Treviño.  See ideas in Chapter 9, “Opening the Past Imaginatively: Teaching Historical Fiction” for ideas incorporating geography, Renaissance art and history.  Here’s a link to a set of PowerPoint slides used to supplement those lessons.  Note the contents to see ways you can design a set of slides to fit the historical fiction you choose to teach. I, Juan de Pareja-Exploring Art

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