Audrey Spica’s Contribution

Ebenezer Scrooge – A Narrative Poem

A group poem written by 8th Grade ELA student of
Audrey Spica at Pinewood Middle School,

Kentwood, Michigan

summarizing character of Ebenezer Scrooge from
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

Stanza 1 (written by Sarah)
There’s Ebenezer Scrooge with his curmudgeon ways
And Bob Cratchit who works all his tiring days
There’s Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew, who beckons every call
And Tiny Tim, Bob’s son, who blesses us all
It’s a cold day in England, winter all around
Christmas time fills the place with jolly sounds

Stanza 2 (written by Erika)
Scrooge never got a wife
He had a pretty sad life.
His love for money, overruled his love
He sure wasn’t, a peaceful, loving dove.
Everyone knew that Scrooge didn’t have a great soul
For holiday’s he only gets coal.
Scrooge has really, never cared about anyone
Or ever having just a little fun.

Stanza 3 (written by Jaevyn)
A cold breeze swept through
The ghost knew
For sat idly by
Was a sign that scrooge had died
Shivers down his spine
As dearest death was defined
Now a witness to death, he stood illy
Will he, will he, will he die?
Not a soul in sight?
Spoken poorly of?
If only he’d shown more love…

Stanza 4 (Written by Sarah)
Scrooge looms the streets, a smile on his face
He hops with joy all throughout the place
Spreading cheer around the town
With Scrooge, no one could ever frown
Fun at Fred’s Party, making new friends
Scrooge wished that this bliss would never end

Stanza 5 (Written by Candace)
Scrooge once was a man
Who destroyed others plans
But now he has changed
His life rearranged
He has seen his own grave
Now changing his ways is his only crave
Now making people happy was his thing
Now joy around the town is what he’d bring


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