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Responding to Rena’s posting “I  would like to do book talks with my grade 8 class, but I’m not sure how to get started.  Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the best approach would be?  Your suggestions are appreciated!”

One approach: Select three books that you can link to what interests your specific students. Create two-three slides for each book that include images from book covers or of a key event in the book.  On each slide write a probing question, a summary sentence, something specific about book that links to interests of your students OR a recent or upcoming theme/topic for your course, and end with a challenge: a reason to read. See samples at this link.

Consider having students create their own book talk slides as an option for whole class book or independently read books.  If it’s a whole class books, perhaps group students to show various literary devices used by the author.  See POSTER ASSIGNMENT adapted as slide presentation.

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