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The Emeritus Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English (EA of NCTE) is a special interest group under the NCTE umbrella.  Membership in EA of NCTE is open to members of the NCTE who are retired from their professional responsibilities, to English Language Arts educators who are eligible for retirement and those ELA educators who are preparing to retire.

Membership in the Emeritus Assembly of NCTE is not the same as Emeritus level of membership in NCTE.  NCTE Emeritus level membership is available to retired English Language Arts educators who have been members of the NCTE for fifteen years. 

— Click here to access the registration form for NCTE Emeritus Assembly.

$25.00 – Annual membership – renew each year
$150. 00 – Lifetime membership – pay once and remain a member for life

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  — Click here to access information about NCTE Emeritus level membership.

To request information about signing up by mail, send note to Emeritus Assembly of NCTE  at



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