Kiondre Dunnam’s Contribution

Reflective Writing in Social Studies

In class, we were comparing and contrasting the differences between parliamentary
and presidential forms of government. Our class participated in a simulation of a
parliamentary democracy. We went through several rounds in a number of classes
and students were asked to reflect and respond to a few questions about their
experience. “Reflect on today and yesterday. What have you learned about the parliamentary
system? Do you think it is a fair system? What would you change about the process?” It gave
them the opportunity to react to what they were learning.
Students responded in the following ways:
 “I learned about the Parliament System is that you have to vote for the party. I think it is
not fair to the people because you vote for the party not the person. What I would change
about the process is that you can vote for the person.”

 “About the Parliamentary System, I've learned that you don't have a choice on who can
be the Prime Minister. I don't really think it's fair but, it depends on how much percentage
the other party gets. If the other party gets more votes than your party, then that
determines who will have more seats. I probably wouldn't change anything about the
 “It is very chaotic like they did it. It was not fair because other people in the country
could not do anything about it. They should have voted instead of that. That is what I
believe they should do instead of just using a group of people.”

 “I think the process was a good way to vote what group we wanted to be the leader.
During the process I learned how people vote for president and prime minister. No I don’t
think it was fair because we didn't get to have a say on who we wanted to be legislature
and prime minister. I would change the way it was by speaking up and saying something
about it.”

 ” I think the process was fair but at the same time confusing. The only fact that it was
confusing because of all of the steps to be prime minster and I learned that it takes time to
be a prime mister. I thought yes it was fair and yes I would chance it to the democracy get
to elect and not just the people that are seated”

Kiondre Dunnam,
Social Studies Teacher
W.R. Coile Middle School
Athens, Georgia


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