Experience Poems and Pictures (Summer 2019)

An Innovative Book with Poems and Pictures and Prompts for Writing and Viewing

EXPERIENCE POEMS AND PICTURES is an innovative genre combining my original poetry, pictures of artwork by diverse teens and adults from the United States and Sri Lanka, and prompts for viewing and writing about artwork and exploring poetry to create new art. The poems, written from a faith perspective, address topics of family, friendships, life, death and hope.  The artwork includes paintings in multiple mediums, quilting, and manipulated photos on a range of topics in a range of styles. Appealing to students of all ages, the book can serve as a mentor text for teachers wanting to publish student writing and art. 

Scroll down to view Table of Contents to see whose poetry and whose artwork is featured in this new 127 page/full color book.

You may order copies at for $20.00 each plus flat $4.00 shipping and handling.  Cover price on Amazon will be $25.00 plus SH.  Order Form


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