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Anna J. Small Roseboro, a National Board Certified Teacher, has over four decades experience teaching in public and private schools, teaching students in middle-schools through graduate schools, mentoring early career educators, and facilitating leadership institutes. She has published seven textbooks and edited a collection of memoirs and published books of her own poetry. Anna was awarded Distinguished Service Awards by the California Association of Teachers of English and the National Council of Teachers of English.  Locally, Anna served as adjunct professor in the Grand Valley State University College of Education, the Communication Arts and Sciences Department at Calvin College, and a tutor for the Literacy Center of West Michigan.
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Anna J. Small Roseboro is known for her work with groups like the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the Conference on English Leadership, California Association of Independent Schools, the California Association of Teachers of English and the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. With 40 years experience in public and private schools, she is a National Board Certified Teacher vetted by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Ms. Roseboro has been both co-chair and mentor of the NCTE’s Early Career Educators of Color cohorts and acting chair of the Emeritus Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English and co-chair of NCTE’s ELATE Commission to Support Early Career English Language Arts Teachers.

A sought-after convention speaker, Ms. Roseboro earned a B.A. in Speech Communications from Wayne State University and an M.A. in Curriculum Design from the University of California, San Diego. Her articles have appeared in such juried journals such as English Journal and English Leadership. Ms. Roseboro has consulted with, read manuscripts for textbook publishers, and written teacher lessons for literature anthologies.

Publications include ON ZION’S HILL: A Novel (2015) and its sequel of sorts, SWEETHEARTS OF ZION’S HILL: A Collection of Stories (2016) GRAMPOPPA: A Poem with Pictures (2017) GETTING STARTED: A Path to Success Teaching English to Middle School Students and Beyond (2018); MORE ABOUT WRITING: Designing Student Assignments with Specific Steps (2019) and NOT INTIMIDATING: Teaching Different Reading Genres to a Diverse Student Body (Spring, 2019)

Ms. Roseboro represented Rotary International in a group-study exchange with educators in Africa, taught at Rochester Theological Institute, Grand Valley State University, and Calvin College; directed summer sessions at The Bishop’s School, La Jolla, CA—a program for grades 5-12 and served as English Department Chair. She was honored with the California Association of Teachers of English 2009 Distinguished Service Award and the 2016 NCTE Distinguished Service Award.