Fresh Strategies to Consider

Teachers are generous colleagues and share what works for them in hopes that you’ll see it try ideas that you can adapt, engage, and reach more students.  Having taught middle school through graduate school students, I find that many of the strategies are interchangeable, especially those that get students moving, talking, and interacting with one another.  Perhaps most useful about these engagement activities is that they give the teacher/instructor opportunity to circulate, listen and observe learning in action.

Formative assessment?  Yes, and without the stress.  And, I urge you to use timers the first few times you try these strategies to manage class time efficiently.  Set timer to ring softly and if students are thoroughly engaged, reset for a couple more minutes.  Then, call the class to order and discuss what they experienced and you observed.

This fresh insight can help guide both students in further study and teacher for future lessons.

From time to time,  I’ll update this page with fresh ideas for you to consider. (Most are borrowed.)


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