Appreciating Shakespeare

What a delight to introduce you to Doctor Gideon Rappaport, another retired educator who keeps sharing his insight and knowledge with those currently teaching.  Doctor Rap, as his students call him, is a former English Department colleague from a school in Southern California.  Dr. Rappaport is a Shakespeare scholar, the author of a number of informative and inspiring articles, and also is a professional theatrical dramaturge.  For decades, he advised our high school drama department helping to prepare the troupe to stage various dramatic, musical, and dance productions of plays, especially those written by William Shakespeare.

In the podcast “Appreciating Shakespeare with Doctor Rap” this veteran teacher of Shakespeare offers the knowledge and tools for appreciating Shakespeare’s deep and universal meanings in two sets of discussions:

  • Series I is comprised of shorter numbered sessions on the background knowledge helpful in appreciating Shakespeare’s works. Topics include (1) Shakespeare’s language, (2) theatre, (3) life, (4) mental furniture (the common knowledge, accepted and received ideas, underlying beliefs of Shakespeare’s time), and more.
  • Series II is comprised of longer lettered sessions on individual plays and sonnets. Topics include (1) seven comedies, (2) seven tragedies, (3) five histories, (4) two late romances, (5) Shakespeare’s one satire, and (6) selected sonnets.

These are podcasts, audio-only, and are available on Buzzsprout at

Doc Rap’s podcasts also available through various podcast indexes, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and many others.

Enjoy the resonance of an experienced educator helping you prepare to teach in ways that enhance your students’ appreciation of The Bard.

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