Students like to know what they know so they’ll know what they need to learn.  When teachers know what students know, the teacher knows what needs to be taught.  Why not invite your students to do a self-check during the first week of school to measure their knowledge and skills in reading.  Save this information in their personal files.

As the year unfolds, remind the students that they are practicing to improve specific skills mentioned on the chart.  Students tend to remain open to learning when they know the reasons why the knowledge or skills can be helpful to them.  Here’s a simple chart that can be adapted for use with students in any grade.

For a back to school check-up, consider creating a PowerPoint file with  one graphic per slide, and have students complete a check list ranging from 1-5 to indicate their current skill.  Then, after the first quarter, return to the chart and have student do re-assessment, and again at the end of the first semester.  Then before reading a new text, have the slides rolling while you hand out books to remind students of strategies they can employ as they tackle more complex texts.  [For older students, remember to cover/cut off the reference to elementary school. 🙂 ]

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