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Perhaps, because so many elementary and middle school teachers are female, the books on our standard reading lists tend to appeal more to students of that same gender.  Not sure if that’s the case, but admittedly teachers of young men in all grades recognize that our male students often are reluctant or resistant  to reading the books we recommend.

I have broadened my scope and expanded my lists.  Thanks to many of you.

In the past few years classroom teachers and our firm supporters, librarians, have begun to publish lists of books that appeal to boys.  Below is the start of a resource I trust you’ll find useful. I’ll be adding to this site as suggestions come in.

I am intentionally not blending lists.  Duplication will give you a sense of those titles recommended repeatedly. Please use the COMMENT space below to send me links to your lists or just titles you’d like to see added.  Enjoy.

Click on LANGUAGE ARTS RESOURCES to see ideas for helping students to get into, through and beyond the reading as you develop ways to enhance the learning experience, to assess their comprehension, and even their increased appreciation for reading,

Audio Books for Guys

Books that Guys Read 

Cool Books for Tough Guys: 50 Books Out of the Mainstream of Adolescent Literature That Will Appeal to Males Who Do Not Enjoy Reading

Hot Books for Middle School Boys

Ken Baker: Children’s Author: 70 New Books to Get Boys Reading

Moving Boys to Read

Words Without Borders – Stories set in many different countries

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