Lisa Westbrook has used an on-line program, PREZI to design an engaging lesson to introduce students to poetry analysis.  See ways you can enhance your instruction by adapting or adopting this technology to present these concepts. Check out TPCASSSTT Poetry Analysis by Lisa Westbrook.

Teaching HAMLET, Again?

Hamlet - Perennial Text Hamlet? Yes, Again! In all five states in which I've taught, Hamlet has been on the required reading list for seniors. So, after teaching Hamlet for umpteen years, I continually have to remind myself that for most of my students this will be their first and…

General Grading Guidelines

General Grading Guidelines Reduce the challenges to grades by establishing and sharing with students the general criteria you'll be using when you evaluate and assign grades to their work.  This teaching strategy has worked well for me with the middle, high school and college level students. When students know ahead…
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