Colors Call Out to Us

Colors call out to us in nature and in advertisements.  Help students understand the symbolism of colors as it relates to their feelings, as well as why different colors may entice them to behave certain ways, believe certain things, and buy certain products and services.

What they learn in these lessons can carry over into their reading as they begin to notice ways that authors use color to create mood and reveal tone.

See this link to get started. COLORS IN ADVERTISING

Draw students attention to the fact that colors may mean different things in different cultures.  See COLOR SYMBOLISM BY CULTURE.

You may find it useful to adapt this assignments in ways that work for your students.  ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS.

Invite students to show the personality of characters in an assignment like this one. GEOMETRIC CHARACTER ANALYSIS.

Colors call out to us and we also can use colors to call out to others in our writing, in our speaking and in our art.


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