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So grateful to viewers who share websites that help kept us up to date on resources.





Anita Gianakas, library media specialist, invites you to view this resource for helping students understand the value of reading and math to deal with money!

Henlee Phillips shared this one.  Check it out.

STUDENT GUIDE TO MATH EDUCATION  Note the links to short lessons that help a family review basic concepts in ways that appeal to students at different levels of understanding  Thanks, Henlee.

Please take a few minutes to explore these resources recommended by Rebecca Muller and Cindy Powell’s Daisy Scouts.

Note some of the sites designed primarily for elementary school may contain just the right resources to assist your below grade-level students in understanding a concept.  The visuals may be particularly helpful with students new to English as a language for acquiring new information.

As always, check them out before sharing with your students. Enjoy!

Online Learning: Math Resources for Kids

Writing and Talking Teach Math
Writing and Learning Groups in Math-Roseboro

ReadWriteThink Lesson Plans

Discovery Education | Classroom Resources

A Kid\'s Guide to Forest Fires

KidZone: Worksheets for Children

And, here is the link to our growing resource bank. We hope you’ll find this useful as well! 🙂
Fun Educational Lesson Plans, Activities and Printables

Fun Facts & Trivia for Kids

Fun Car Facts: Simple Machines in Automobiles

Free K-12 Lesson Plans

Calculators for Kids: Teach Children Math with These Free Calculation Tools

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