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Teachers in elective courses sometimes struggle to INDISCIPLINARYdesign lessons that teach the content and skills of their courses when students are challenged by the demands of the required courses.

Consider drawing on content matter from other courses as you teach the information and skills related to your course.

Here’s an article, “How Digital Storytelling Improves Learning” that may inspire you to try that this year.  Remember, you do not have to be an expert in the science or social studies’ facts students utilize in their creative writing.  As students conduct peer edits, their classmates will confirm or question the accuracy of those kinds of details.

And don’t forget Bill Zimmerman’s free comic generator,, to include in our digital storytelling resources.

Even better, than working alone, collaborate with a colleague in another content area and design lessons for which your colleague reads for accuracy of content and you read for literary traits.

Either way, your students will be less likely to put assignments in their elective course on the back burner to fulfill assignments in their required courses and vice-versa.

Wishing you a wonderful school year.

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