Hispanic Heritage Month – Day FIVE – Challenge to Write

Day Five –  Day of the Dead (Dias de Los Muertos)

Hispanic Heritage month, September 15 — October 15 is a time of year to pause and reflect on the rich history, heritage, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino (LatinX) Americans to the United States. The goal this week is to expand our scope and see Hispanic/LatinX Americans as “More than Migrants”.

For nearly twenty years, I lived and worked in San Diego, California, right on the border with Mexico.  Many of my students celebrated Dias de Los Muertos, a joyous occasion reflecting on the life of those who have died. It is celebrated throughout Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere.

While this holiday is not observed until the end of October, let’s prepare today by writing a celebratory elegy/eulogy inspired by the music of Hispanic American musicians.  There are several clips, find one that inspires you to reflect on the contributions of someone of Hispanic Heritage who made a valuable contribution to a field important to you.  This may have been to medicine, science, music, education, or the arts. If the person about whom you wrote the Acrostic Poem on Day Two now is dead, consider that person as your focus today. That person deserves further celebration. 

Here’s my poem.  An Elegy to Arturo Schomburg, Archiver of History


Here’s my poem.I invite you to POST YOUR POEM in the comments box.  


This invitation to write was posted originally on from Sarah J. Donovan’s Website Ethical ELA.org.  Visit her site to see what others posted in response to this prompt.


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