Hispanic Heritage Month – Day FOUR – Challenge to Write

Day Four: A Spine Poem (Un Poema de Columna Vertebra)

Hispanic Heritage month, September 15 — October 15 is a time of year to pause and reflect on the rich history, heritage, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino (LatinX) Americans to the United States. The goal this week is to expand our scope and see Hispanic/LatinX Americans as “More than Migrants”.

Today, consider “spine” as a pun, a word with multiple meanings that work in the same setting.  Millions of men and women of Hispanic heritage have served as the “spine” or backbone of our nation by assuming the backbreaking and back bending work that keeps our food industry strong and enable to buy healthy food at affordable prices.  A spine also is the part of a book’s jacket or cover that encloses the inner edges of the pages, facing outward when the book is on a shelf. 

Today, let’s honor Hispanic American authors whose writing contributes to the literary wealth of the United States.  I invite you to create a 12-16 line spine poem based on titles of fiction or non-fiction books that tell stories of Hispanic American life.  This simply means arranging the book titles in a way that captures an experience as a poem. If you wish, add your own words to clarify the flow. Please attach a jpeg of your stack of books when you post your poem in the comments section below.  

Here’s my poem. 

I invite you to POST YOUR POEM in the comments box.  


This invitation to write was posted originally on from Sarah J. Donovan’s Website Ethical ELA.org.  Visit her site to see what others posted in response to this prompt.


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