Hispanic Heritage Month – Day TWO – Challenge to Write

Day Two:  Honor a Leader (Honrar a un Líder)

Hispanic Heritage month, September 15 — October 15 is a time of year to pause and reflect on the rich history, heritage, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino (LatinX) Americans to the United States. The goal this week is to expand our scope and see Hispanic/LatinX Americans as “More than Migrants”.

Consider a 20-21st Century local, state or national leader of Hispanic American descent and write an acrostic poem showcasing the attributes and/or contributions of this leader to your school, community, state or our nation.  In the introduction to poem, include a sentence identifying the person to those of us unfamiliar with him or her.

For this acrostic poem insert the honoree’s name in capital letters in a vertical column on the left side of the page.  Then, add concrete nouns or adjectives (words or phrases) that describe that person and begin with the letter on each line.  (For ease, insert a two-column table in a Word document, with one row for each letter in the honoree’s name. Then insert letters of the name in the left column and descriptors in the right column.)

She Persisted (Ella Persistió)

(Dolores Huerta co-founder, with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers Union)

I invite you to POST YOUR POEM in the comments box.  


This invitation to write was posted originally on from Sarah J. Donovan’s Website Ethical ELA.org.  Visit her site to see what others posted in response to this prompt.


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