Mentor Modules by Caitlin Dooley

It’s my privilege to pass along to colleagues who visit my site resources from other educators who give me permission to do so.  Here’s one I think both classroom teachers, department chairs and literacy coaches will find useful. Mentor Modules  is a free online multimedia course and resource for developing mentor teachers and instructional coaches.  Even if you are a new teacher, these modules will help you understand that you’re not alone.

One of the federal grants that Caitlin worked on has been an initiative to improve new teacher mentoring. As part of this initiative, she’s developed an online “course”-although it’s more like a multimedia textbook-for helping teachers become good mentors. If you work with cooperating teachers, teacher mentors, instructional coaches, and/or university supervisors, you might like this resource.

The site is

It has video cases, expert interviews (both video and audio), lots of articles, activities, and video demonstrations of things like how to do a “pre-observation conference.”  It’s free. She’s tried to design it to be a helpful resource for a facilitated course.

Please share this resources with others you believe will benefit from it.

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