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Most long term teachers are successful and satisfied in the profession because of the generosity and support of those who came before. We think back with sadness that for want of a capable, compassionate mentor, too many eager and talented novices drop out before they had gained the confidence and competence to adapt to the challenges of classroom teaching.  We know without a doubt that mentoring is a must to maintain quality in our profession.

That is the main reason we’re launching an Emeritus Assembly/Early Career Educators mentoring program as our opening gamut to this revival of the Emeritus Assembly of National  Teachers of English (NCTE) that has been inactive for nearly decade.  In reviewing early documents from EA, we learned that from the very beginning, mentoring was one of the goals this assembly.  Clearly men like John Cotter, a long time president of Emeritus Assembly, and others with whom he collaborated all recognized the mutual benefits of such a relationship between veteran and novice members of this profession.

Henry Kiernan, past Chair of the Conference on English Leadership wrote in his October 1998 English Leadership Quarterly article “Mentoring and Developing Future Leaders that “Experienced teachers are cognizant of the important of supporting a new teacher.  They well remember how critically important the first pivotal years in the profession are to determining success.”  We remember; let’s help.

We therefore seek to continue the fine work of the EA founders and welcome all retired and soon-to-retire educators to join the Emeritus Assembly of NCTE to do your part to assist in getting new and early career teachers off to a good start.  Please complete the survey regarding the mentoring project.

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