High school and college students often have worried-af-am-malecomplex worried-womanschedules. Events in and out of school that are beyond their control can cause them to skip assignments or endure penalties for late ones. The issue may arise due to sports, arts, a big project in another class, work, family, or even religious or cultural observances.  One way to show you understand, while still maintaining high standards, is to offer students a one-time use OKAY LATE PASS.

This pass something the student can use for an assignment that does not impact the workokay-late-pass of other students.  For example, you may require students to turn in study guides or journal as a way for them to process new information and for you to conduct low stress assessments of their progress.  If these assignments are counted toward their semester grades, give students one OKAY LATE PASS per semester.  Turning in such as assignment late will have low impact on others in ways that contribution to group work would or on your own plans to grade and return drafts for students’ further work on them.  However, completing the study guide or journal could have significant impact on students learning and on your assessment of them, so offering the OKAY LATE pass can be a win-win option for yocalendaru all.

The pass should be limited.

  • One pass per student
  • One pass per semester
  • One week extension, maximum

Below is a sample of a printed pass.  If students turn in homework electronically, add the pass to your website and require students to include copy of pass with their late assignment.

In my experience, students usually save the pass all semester and use them at the last minute or not at all. Don’t worry about students abusing the privilege.  Being dishonest is their problem.  Yours is to be vigilant and generous. They appreciate having the option.



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