General Grading Guidelines

General Grading Guidelines Reduce the challenges to grades by establishing and sharing with students the general criteria you'll be using when you evaluate and assign grades to their work.  This teaching strategy has worked well for me with the middle, high school and college level students. When students know ahead…

Media Literacy – Looking at Ads

Media Literacy Looking for ways to incorporate media literacy in your English Language Arts instruction?  Take a look at lessons plans based on NY Times articles.   On the Market: Thinking Critically About AdvertisingOverview | How are food and beverage marketers blurring the line between advertising and entertainment to engage young…

Independent/Private vs. Public Schools

In this presentation for the affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English at Michigan State University,  I discussed the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of teaching in an independent/private school vs. in a public school.  Download a PDF of the PowerPoint file, below.  --Anna Download: Private/Independent vs. Public Schools
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