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A commemorative essay is a type of writing that celebrates or simply analyzes an important figure or event in the past. People often write commemorative essays as tributes on the anniversary or centennial of a person’s date of birth, date of death or the date that an event occurred. For this assignment, based on the works read in this course, choose an author whose work you admire or appreciate.

First review the commemorative essay by Toni Morrison written about James Baldwin. See this website: James Baldwin: His Voice Remembered; Life in His Language“.

Next, read or review at least one critical essay on the work of your chosen author.  Decide whether or support or refute this critical essay.

Then, read at least one biographical sketch about this author.

Draft a sentence that states what and why you admire or appreciate  about the writing of your chosen author.


Modeling the pattern of Morrison’s essay, write a 3-4 page commemorative essay based one author we’ve read during this course.  Consider the qualities of person and prose that Morrison mentioned in her essay.  Include quotations from (1) three different short works or three different sections of a full length work (2) quotation(s) from critical essay, and from the (3) biographical sketch.  Include appropriate citations in body of essay and attach a bibliography of sources consulted.


(See attached copy of full assignment for Commemorative Essay)

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