Peer Feedback – Problem/Solution

Peer Feedback – Problem/Solution

Students can be  better prepared to present for class or submit for grading speeches and essays on problem solving if they have in-class time to get peer feedback. As students read and comment on the work of their peers, you, the teacher can listen and observe, doing formative assessment to guide next instructional lessons. Reading and listening to the work of others not only will give students a sense of what works and what doesn’t, but also a hint of the pool in which their work will be viewed. Equally important, allotting time for peer feedback can provide key information as they revise before you have to grade, thus making your grading less time-consuming and more pleasurable.

Here’s a set of prompts to focus both the writer/speaker and reader/listener. Feel free to adapt the terminology to fit the writing or speaking assignment you give.

This assignment also could be adapted to be a guide to responding to drafts posted on-line.  Set up folder where students can post their drafts.  Set up wiki on which students sign up for one of five groups – Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange.

Each students can be required to respond to the writing of at least two classmates in their assigned group.  For example, Red respond to Blue; Blue to Green; Green to Purple; Purple to Orange and Orange to Red.

The assignment can be done in class or from home depending on the accessibility of resources for all students.

Grading Suggestion: 30% of grade for posting draft on time; 20% of grade for posting on time courteous and useful responses.  Useful: specific commendations and recommendations

Download Peer Response to Persuasive Essay or Speech handout to be signed by two peer responders.

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