Poetry Month April 2014

Inspiring Poetry Cartoon


Challenge your students to work in small groups to find poems that could be “filed” in the different departments as examples of each of the signs or captions in this cartoon. Who, by the way, is the current Poet Laureate of the United States?

If students have access to lots of books in the classroom or to the internet, consider making this a timed assignment to be given and completed during the same class period. Depending on the age/grade and experience of your students, it may be useful to identify the terms and provide a link or resource with definitions of the terms the day before giving your choice of the following assignments.

  • The first group who finds and documents or copies and pastes with URL on the page, a example of each of the terms.
  • OR the teams with the most poems by the end of the class period.
  • AND, bonus points to the team with the most appropriate poems no one else has!

Then consider prompts below based on student access to technology.

  • Who was the laureate when your students were born?  Were in third grade, sixth, grade, ninth grade and twelfth grade?
  • How many poets have won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  • Which literary device is your favorite?
  • Using your choice of three of the devices mentioned in this cartoon, write a poem about today’s weather.
  • If they are quick enough, your students may be to identify at least three places in or around the building this poem this poem by Sekou Sundiata could be filed correctly because the poem “Blink” includes poetic devices identified on that floor or in that section of the cartoon.


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