Preparing to Present a Poem

Poetry – Prep to Recite

Spend some time reading poetry and deciding which poem you like well enough to share with the class. (Please select a new poem; one not done for previous assignments or projects).

Steps to Selection

1. Select a collection of poems (a collection by the same or by different authors).  See our class anthology, Poems 180, Poetry.Org , the Poetry Foundation or other on-line collections.
2. Start with the first poem in the book. Read the first four lines, and then decide if you understand them.
3. If you also enjoy the poem you understand, stop, and go on to preparing your class presentation.
4. If not, read the next, continuing by reading the first four lines of each successive poem until you find one you understand and enjoy enough to share with the class.
5. Keep a record of the number of poems you read before selecting one to share in class.

Preparation for Presentation: Written and Visual

1. In your own words, tell what the poem seems to be saying. See Poetry T.I.M.E. Introduction
2. Tell why you enjoyed the poem. What about the poem got your attention?
3. Copy out your favorite line from the poem, and tell why it is your favorite.
4. Tell what you noticed about the way the poet wrote the poem — the special way s/he used words, lines, stanzas, sounds, ideas, and comparisons. If you can use the language of poetry analysis, do so.
4. Pattern this poem by writing one of your own using some strategies used by your poet.
5. Photocopy or word process the poems or write them in calligraphy or other attractive print.
6. Mount and illustrate, or select an appropriate border for them or create digital slide,
7. Bring to class the day you are to present your poem. You can send your poem or save it to the class website. We plan to make an anthology of favorite poems.
8. Memorize the original poem.

Presentation Day

1. Recite the memorized poem dramatically. You can recite it twice. Once at the beginning of your presentation, and again at the end.
2. Your presentation should be about 3 minutes. During this sharing time, state the title and author of your poem, relate some of the information from your writing about the poem, and perhaps, play some music in the background. (Let me know ahead of time so I’ll have equipment in the classroom to play your music).
3. Let me know if you wish to bring “neat to eat treats” on presentation day.
4. Turn in your illustrated poem and your writing about the poem.



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