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Students should not be surprised about what they are expected to know and be able to do on an exam.  As you prepare the  summative assessment or final exam for your course, consider ways you can help your students review effectively and then use exam time efficiently.

The outline below is designed to guide the final week of class time and the student review time at home.
Here’s Prep for Exam handout.  Note the instructions for each section are laid out in the handout in much the way this information appears in test prep resources for the SAT and ACT exams students take.

Prepare for English I – Semester Examination

I. LITERATURE – 50 minutes

A. Read the short story (15 minutes) MARK TEXT to save time. Then, refer it to complete the following sections:

B. Vocabulary in Context –(10 points) The Italicized words are vocabulary in the short story. Use the context to determine the meaning of words with which you are unfamiliar, then mark on your Scantron the letter that corresponds with the BEST definition or synonym. (10 words at 1 point each)

C. Short Answers: ( 20 points) Write answers in INK in the LINED SECTION of your answer sheet. Write your answer, then using evidence from the story, explain your response. Complete answers earn more points. (5 questions at 4 points each)

D. Thinking Critically about the Story – (20 points) Choose two of the following sets of questions and respond to each set in a well-structured paragraph. Indicate the number of question you’re answering. (2 questions at 10 points each)

II. IDENTIFYING LITERARY DEVICES (15 points ) – On your Scantron sheet, mark the letter that corresponds with the DOMINANT literary device illustrated by the quotation. Carefully read the entire quotation before making a final decision. (15 quotations at 1 point each)

III. GRAMMAR (10 minutes)

A. Recognizing Verbals and Verbal Phrases – (5 points) Identify the underlined the verbals in the following sentences. On your Scantron, mark A for participial, B for gerund C for infinitive.

B. Correct Use of Modifiers – – (5 points) On your Scantron, mark A if the sentence is correct B if it is sentence is incorrect.

C. Recognizing Dangling Modifiers – (5 points) On your Scantron, mark A if the underlined modifier is dangling or misplaced B if the underlined modifier is in a logical or correct place.

IV. WRITING ABOUT LITERATURE (50 minutes) – You may use one page of notes with facts about the stories.

A. Comparing Old literature to the New. Consider the themes expressed in the new short story you will have read during the exam. Think about the short pieces we’ve studied this semester. (3-4 pgs.) prompt will be on the exam). (45 points)

SHORT SELECTIONS: “from Annie John” “from Bless Me, Ultima” “from The Cat’s Eye” “from Their Eyes Were Watching God” “Making Do” “No Name Woman” “Orbiting” “Run” “Seventeen Syllables” “Sonny’s Blues” “The Iguana Killer”

FULL LENGTH LITERATURE: The Circuit  and To Kill a Mockingbird

B. Literature about different cultural and ethnic groups can be a window to the world or a mirror in which you see yourself. (prompt will be on the exam) 2-3 pages. (25 points)

Remaining 10 minutes should be used to reread and edit your two essays.

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