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PRESS RELEASE for my book Teaching Middle School Language Arts: Incorporating Twenty-First Century Literacies

Anna J. Small Roseboro
Forward by Carol Jago , NCTE President [ Quentin J. Schultze (Contributor)]

Teaching Middle School Language Arts is the first book on teaching middle school language arts for multiple intelligences and related twenty-first-century literacies in technologically and ethnically diverse communities. More than 670,000 middle school teachers (grades six through eight) are responsible for educating nearly 13 million students in public and private schools. Thousands more teachers join these ranks annually, especially in the South and West, where ethnic populations are ballooning.

Teachers and administrators seek practical, time-efficient ways of teaching language arts to twenty-first-century adolescents in increasingly multicultural, technologically diverse, socially networked communities. They seek sound understanding, practical advice, and proven strategies for connecting diverse literature to twenty-first-century societies while meeting state and professional standards. Teaching Middle School Language Arts provides strategies and resources that work.

Roseboro’s concise book provides an entire academic year of inspiring theory and instruction in multimedia reading, writing, and speaking for the twenty-first-century literacies that are increasingly required in the United States and Canada. An appendix includes supplementary documents to adapt or adopt, and a companion web site is designed to continue communication with the readers. Quentin J. Schultze, an expert in media, has written the preface, and National Council of Teachers of English President Carol Jago has written the foreword.

Anna J. Small Roseboro is a National Board Certified Teacher with forty years of experience. In 2008-9, Anna was a faculty leader at the NCTE Affiliates Leadership Conference and served as Master Teacher for the San Francisco Bay Area Teachers Center in an on-line teaching environment. In 2009, she was honored with the California Association of Teachers of English 2009 Distinguished Service Award.

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