Summer Reading Challenge


Summer Reading – Expand Lists

Have you seen the READING BINGO challenges posted by Scholastic ? Using the cards may be just what will inspire  students to broaden their independent reading choices.  Could offer a modest prize…enough to entice to read, but not to cheat.   Click here for book report options:  Alternatives , Poetic, Book Talk Slides or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Book Report: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?


Here’s Random House’s Reading Bingo Card for readers of Young Adult titles.

Please feel free to encourage  students of all ages to read picture books.
They are an efficient way to learn, especially when they include quality drawings, graphs, and photos that portray people, places, and events in realistic, but not stereotypical images.


Here’s the Random House Summer Reading Brochure for 2017.

Maybe you’ll find the just right book for your students.


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