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In April, 2015 Melanie Shoffner, Chair of the NCTE Conference on English Education sent the following recommendations:

“Some time ago, you asked about potential resources for Assembly members. In general, I would direct people to the Resources listed on the NCTE website. While books and journals are obviously rich resources, the position statements ( ) and policy briefs ( ) offer succinct overviews of current issues facing ELA and literacy teachers. That may seem like an obvious statement and I certainly don’t mean to insult your members, but I always surprise myself with what I am able to find through these two portals when I’m looking for a “quick” resource.

I would also direct you to a relatively new weblog created and maintained by the Writing Commission entitled Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care ( ). This is a resource advocating for meaningful writing in our schools; the pieces are brief but powerful and offer insight into the issues facing teachers and students in English classrooms today.”

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