Resources from Other Educators


The Resources here are those found in my surfing or those recommended by colleagues.  Enjoy!

GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS – Looking for different ones for different purposes for students who learn in different ways? Check these out. EDUCATION OASIS.

START NOW TO GATHER RESOURCES for POETRY units.  Here’s a resource, WRITING FIX  recommended by JASON SCOTT last Sunday.  The site has Mentor Text Lessons: Published Poetry and lessons based on lyrics from popular music.

TEACHING ABOUT DIALECTS and their roles in the United States?  See Jenna Gardner’s PREZI for ideas to adapt or adopt. Teaching the Power of Dialect and Dialects of Power

CLOSE READING: Vanessa McCroskey’s prompts can help get your students talking and writing with confidence about fiction, non-fiction, print and non-print media. Click here to download your copy.  – you will find a range of  exercises and handouts for close reading.  The entire site is dedicated to the idea of focusing on the text – so naturally there are a lot of text centered activities.  Joseph Scotese and Lisa Danford.

Opening Day Ideas to actively engage students on the first day of the school .  See which ones you can adapt to help you learn more about your students and begin creating the learning communities vital for effective teaching.

GRAMMAR RAP: Looking for alternative ways to supplement or jump-start basic grammar reviews?  See sample of what Mark Pennington suggests.

FREE BLOGGING SITES recommended in “New Technologies and the English Classroom” by Kesha L. Campbell, Jefferson County High School in Fayette, Mississippi (August, 2011 edition of English Leadership Quarterly.)    “free websites that can be used for blogging, like,, and classchatter. com.”

PHOTO BEACH: Another VIDEO MAKER using photos.  Has music options on the site.    To try it out, I created a PowerPoint File, converted the slides to JPEG, then uploaded them into Photo Beach. 

Could be a useful tool to create beginning of the period “shows” to have rolling when students arrive.  Could be review of concepts taught already or a teaser for the lesson of the day. Fun and easy.

What’s Your Learning Style?  On line quiz to help reveal how individual students learn, providing teachers valuable information for planning more engaging and effective lessons.

WHY TEACH? “Tim Gillespie published “The List” — a list of 15 reasons to keep teaching, to remind us (and himself) of the “greatest pleasures and highest callings” that we can experience as English teachers.” 

Connecting Reading and Math   The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Series (Older, but just reading the problem can still  be useful.)

Making Curriculum Pop – A resource sharing community for educators interested in  better practices and teaching with POP culture.

The Courage To Blog With Students

Fifteen Learning Strategies for Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing 

Websites for Poetry – Middle-High School

Digital Bloom’s Visual – for Digital Literacy

Global Poetry Project

Make Beliefs Comix!

Jock Mackenzie’s Website

Teaching Secrets: 10 To-Dos for New Teachers

Words: Connotation-Denotation – Video to Spark Discussion (youtube)