Shakespeare – Choral Reading and Mask Making


Shakespeare Out Loud and In Color!

Reading Aloud TogetherLooking for ideas to enhance your teaching Shakespeare plays like Romeo and Juliet in ways that appeal to the multiple intelligences? Looking for ideas that provide be formative and/or summative?  Want to keep it fun while assuring yourself that students are getting an in depth experience with this classic work of literature?  Here are ideas included in my Shakespeare Out Loud and In Color presentation  at the Shakespeare Connects conference sponsored by Grand Valley State University and for California Association of Teachers of English.

See slides on Shakespeare Out Loud and in Color CCSS-(pdf)  from workshop and/or choose from links below for specific strategies in handout form.

 *** Masks from paper plates to show with symbols and colors the personalities of characters (Described in slide show mentioned above)

    *** Music to reflect mood and character – Romeo and Juliet Final Project – Music Option

***Romeo and Juliet- Act V – Newspaper Project about incidents in the play

*** Lazy sonnets to sum up “what’s happening!” (Described in slide show mentioned above)

***Pantoum – Write a poem that portrays a scene, a theme, a character

 Johnny Cash Sings Macbeth

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