Tempt Reluctant Readers with Biographies

FishingReading about Real People

Reading about real people may be just the hook to catch reluctant students attention and tempt them to become avid readers.  The books don’t have to be long or complicated, just about people doing things that interest the student.  Several publishers have created series written just for the young or inexperienced reader that include the kinds of text features that support independent learning,

Many of the series,  like  DK by FollettBound, include text-features such as definitions to enhance comprehension of key ideas, side bars, timelines of events, and lots of photos of the featured person.  to help engage readers and clarify content.  Your new to non-fiction readers may enjoy reading through the series, learning about the people, the places, and events that really happened.  Here are slides for book talks to get you started. Book Talks – Reading about Real People

Teachers across the content areas can assign reading of biographies as a way to expand students understanding of the topics taught in the curriculum.  Then, invite students to create Venn Diagrams that show similarities and differences between the reader that the person in the book.  Students often are pleasantly surprised to discover  how much they have in common with famous people around the world.

Here are a couple of book reports options to consider:

Compare and Contrast and Literary Strips



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