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Vocabulary – Key to Academic Success

Critical Words for Common Core – Understanding for Assessments – Often it is not what the students know but whether or not they understand what is being asked of them.  Teach and regularly use the academic vocabulary that can prepare your students to shine in the classroom and on those standardized tests now and in the future.  Thanks, Marilee Sprenger, for publishing this list.

Here’s a rich and varied website with lots of tools for vocabulary instruction and enrichment.  21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary.

There are several free websites available to help teachers organize lesson plans and engage students, according to Shannon Holden, a former teacher and assistant principal, who shared the resources during a recent webinar. Her recommendations include Quizlet, which offers a flash card and study game, and ReadWorks, which has resources for teaching reading. from http://nbpts.org/ Smart Briefs 2/29/2012

Looking for ways to incorporate technology and pop culture in your instruction?  Check out the resources at FLOCABULARY . You’ll find ideas for teaching literary terms and for enhancing vocabulary study in general.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the literary terms page to see the list of terms taught on other pages.

Here’s a Bill McBride link.

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