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Mrs. Roseboro, I wanted to thank you for putting together your collection of math practice sites on your Cross Curricular Resources page! As a library media specialist, I’ve been handed the task of updating our media center’s reference guides with the help of some student volunteers.

We’re currently working on our K12 Mathematics series. The practice sites on your page helped us a bunch, so the staff and I wanted to make sure we thanked you 🙂 (Glad our resources are proving useful to educators in other content areas.)

And if it’s not too much trouble, I was also hoping you could include a contribution from my students? One of my volunteers showed me this money math guide that I was very impressed with. I loved that it included real life math and accounting lessons that kids might not normally learn about in school….

Math and Accounting Activities for Kidshttps://www.financialforce.com/library/math-and-accounting-activities-for-kids/

Can you include it on here?   https://teachingenglishlanguagearts.com/cross-curricular-resources/. (Yes, no problem!)

I’d love to show Megan – my volunteer who found it! She’s getting class credit for volunteering, so I know she’d be thrilled to see she could help!! I meet with her tomorrow afternoon, if you get a chance to add it by then. I know life can be busy, so if not, whenever you get a chance to is great. I really appreciate it!

Sincerely, Mrs.  Anita Gianakas

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