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As the new school year begins, many teachers are designing assignments for which students conduct on-line research.  Help students choose wisely by  teaching them ways to evaluate the websites they view. After showing your students either or both of the videos below at least two times, consider allotting time to practice what they are learning about credible sources, acceptable for school work.  Evaluating Websites.

“Evaluating Websites” by Wayne State University (my alma mater) or “Website Evaluation” with Boxy Joe below.

You may want to set up a few exercises for the students to practicing noticing and noting

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?
about the websites they view for academic work.

about five different websites they land on when they search for information on a topic or author you plan to study during the first marking period.

If you have older students, especially those who have expressed plans to pursue further academic work, you may wish to introduce them to these Seven Academic Search Engines.



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