Why New Teachers Need Mentors and More

Please see this link for Why New Teachers Need Mentors and then read below our report from NCTE 2016.

Dear NCTE Emeritus Assembly Members of NCTE,

What a delight it is to report the warm, enthusiastic reception we received at NCTE 2015 in Minneapolis, MN!  We had a table in the lobby rather than the exhibit hall, but were placed right next to the one of the Conference on English Leadership, as had been the case for EA of NCTE at numerous conventions in the past.  There we handed out post-cards describing our current initiatives and affixed ribbons to the names badges of those willing to advertise in that way.

We had six other venues to tell our story:

  1. Friday morning – EA of NCTE members served as host and hostesses at the First Timers Breakfast.
  2. Saturday morning, Pauline Walker took our offer to serve as on-line mentors to the New Teachers round table session coordinated by Alan Brown of Wake Forest University and the Conference on English Education.
  3. Saturday afternoon we presented a panel/round table session “What Makes Healthy Teachers? Mentoring and More” and over 50 participants joined the conversations at six tables.  Our speakers/table leaders spanned the range of experience from 10-45 years in the profession!
  4. Saturday evening, during the Special Interest Groups session, we presented our resolution and draft up-dated constitution. (We’ve attached copies of both.)
  5. Sunday-Tuesday, I told our story at the Conference on English Leadership.
  6. We posted photos taken at our table on Facebook and Twitter

Everywhere we went veterans offered to mentor and early career educators welcomed the opportunity to receive our support.  We’ve got to refine a way to connect the groups.

Plans for the future:

  • Have constitution ratified.
  • Offer a slate of officers for election by email by September 2016. (Please volunteer to serve as an officers of EA of NCTE or nominate, with their approval, friends you’d like to see lead this assembly in the future.)
  • Submit a proposal for NCTE 2016 for a session in which we share our story, insight, and our willingness to support those recently entering this profession as early career educators
  • Offer to serve as hosts/hostesses at the NCTE 2016 First Timers’ Breakfast in Atlanta. (We’ll need volunteers.)
  • Have a table or booth in a public space at the NCTE 2016 convention in Atlanta.  We’ll need volunteers to staff it,
  •  Advocate to have our resolution approved by the NCTE Executive Committee
  •  Increase EA of NCTE membership and participation in whatever seems right to each member.
  •  Expand our website to include short bios of volunteer mentors.
  • Spread the news of our offer to be on-line mentors for early career educators.

Please help in whatever ways you can,

Anna J. Small Roseboro, Acting Chair
Robin B. Luby, Treasurer

Emeritus Assembly of NCTE


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