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Here’s a great first quarter assignment to get students thinking about the value of post high school education, training and experience, while you teach them journalistic style of story writing.

The prompt:

For what accomplishment will you receive an award in the arts, academics, athletics, politics, military or community service? Write a human interest story that accompanies the announcement of this award.

Spend a little time looking at the kinds and criteria for selecting recipients for awards in a variety of categories. Consider lesser known awards, too, not just the Emmy and Tony, the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, or the Heisman and Cy Young,. What awards are given in your community? Gathering this information can be a one or two period in-class Internet research project.

After reviewing the organization and content of human interest news stories, assign the students to write an article, in the third person, about an award they will receive fifteen – twenty-five years into the future. In addition to the expected lead paragraph with the who, what, when, where, and why that identifies the award, the criteria for the award, and date and place awarded, article should include a short biographical sketch mentioning the student’s family, education, experience in the field, and what the student will have done to earn the award.

The assignment is a wonderful way to get the students to see themselves as successful, and also to think about the steps they need to take to reach that level of achievement.

  • *** What kind of education, training, experience will they need?
  • *** What college, training, apprenticeship, military options will help them get where they’d like to be in fifteen years?
  • *** What kind of financial resources are needed to acquire the education/training?
  • *** Are there scholarships, grants, jobs, parents to help them assemble the funds for post secondary education and training?

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