Writing From Patterns

Patterning is a great way to have students practice what they learn about language and literature.

As you view this set of workshop slides, you’ll find lots of ideas you can incorporate into your lessons to help students understand better how stories, poetry, and articles are structured and how to use what they’ve learned to enhance their own reading and writing.

Writing from Patterns

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2 thoughts on “Writing From Patterns

  1. Awesome work here, Anna!

    I read advice you gave a new teacher on the NCTE Teaching and Learning Forum and was taken by the eloquence and authority with which you spoke about writing instruction. After downloading “Writing from Patterns,” I understand why. Nice work!

    Others should peruse your website. I know I will apply (and modify) your insights to my classes and become a better teacher in the process.

    A great resource–bravo!

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment. You know how gratifying it is to have thoughts you’ve shared taken to heart. The ideas here began as supplement to my books on teaching middle school when I learned how few COE even offer a credential for preparing to teach young adolescents. The postings have expanded to include other strategies and theories developed teaching high school and college students. Please feel to share as widely as you wish.

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